In the summer of 1980, Dorothy Jane Scott would disappear into the California night without a trace. There is nothing more chilling than an unsolved case where a person seemingly vanishes into thin air. Intertwine that with a self-proclaimed killer committed to haunting the aftermath and you have the stuff nightmares are made of. But how do you solve a crime that wasn't even a crime while it was happening? Do all secrets fray with time? Let us set each detail out like a giant puzzle on a dining room table, in the hopes that a whole image emerges as we examine all the ways it may fit together.


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All music is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution.
Measured Paces by Kevin MacLeod via
Cylinder Two & Four by Chris Zabriskie via

*A special thanks to The Santa Ana Orange County Register, Crimeblogger1983 via Blogspot, and The Los Angeles Times for providing amazing information that allowed this episode to be possible. 

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