When the bodies of two tourists are discovered along a highway in Northern British Columbia, an immediate tension would rise with the peak of the season. Within days, another murder would lead the RCMP to believe they had a spree on their hands. By the time law enforcement realized they had mistook perpetrators Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky for possible victims, a relentless manhunt would take on the thick forestry of Canada and it's dog days of summer, pulling together professionals and citizens alike to search for the killers, justice and closure.


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All music is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution.
Measured Paces by Kevin MacLeod via incompetech.com
Cylinder Four, Cylinder Two, There Are Many Different Kinds of Love & The House Glows (With Almost No Help) by Chris Zabriskie via chriszabriskie.com


*A special thanks to The National Post, Nine News Australia, "The Concept of Leakage in Threat Assessment" by J. Reid Meloy & Mary Ellen O’Toole, "Manhunt, Manitoba" via The Globe and Mail, Global News & CBC for information that allowed this episode to be possible. 

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