October 2nd, 1999 was a perfect day to be on The Big South Trail. As it continues along the Poudre River, you can catch scenic canyon vistas along it's climb and descent, and experience the best of what Northern Colorado has to offer. But Allyn Atadero would face every father's worst nightmare when his three year old son, Jaryd, would go missing during a hike. The majestic beauty of the land would show it's teeth through the unpredictable depths of nature. No answer would be simple. To this day, there are still significant questions and multiple theories. What happened to Jaryd on that mountain and exactly which animal are to we fear? "Maybe there is a beast...maybe it's only us."


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All music is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution. Measured Paces & Ambiment by Kevin MacLeod via incompetech.com
There Are Many Different Kinds of Love, I Am a Man Who Will Fight For Your Honor, Cylinder Two & Four by Chris Zabriskie via chriszabriskie.com


*A special thanks to Missing: When the Son Sets by Allyn Atadero & The Coloradoan for information that allowed this episode to be possible. 

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